Introduction to Hogam:

Hogam (Stragos)
The art of overcoming obstacles is a new sport designed with the goal of relief.
Students in this sport must learn various sports and relief training at 10 levels and participate in various competitions to overcome obstacles that include various challenges in the forest, sea, mountains and desert.
This field has three educational and competitive sections:
1- Sharp
The art of overcoming natural challenges in both amateur and professional sections
thunderbolt hands and feet
3- Yoz
Crossing obstacles in an indoor location .

 ...teaching kids

The first adventure is a sport that involves crossing various obstacles in the forest - sea - mountains and desert
This sport is divided into 10 educational levels and into 2 sections: amateur and professional
Specialized trainings in this field are conducted under the auspices of the representatives and official trainers of the field
According to the rules and regulations of the council, competitions in this field are held as amateurs in parks and sports and professional clubs in pristine nature
Specialized and special courses
Advanced courses of this new sport are held intensively under the supervision of senior coaches for 48 hours
These courses are held in the form of specialized educational, practical and theoretical packages in three climates: forest - sea and mountain
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