International Hogam Rescue Webinar 2021

First aid and emergency in nature

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Date :2021-9-27             Start time: 14/30 UTS

Time : 2


Brief description of the course :

Hogam or the art of overcoming obstacles is a rescue sport with various rescue capabilities and sport  skills.

This new sport with the center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2018, with the formation of the Hogam International Council, officially began its international activities and is expanding to all parts of the world.

In this field of sports relief, according to the age and physical abilities of the participants, a set of step-by-step trainings, physical fitness and overcoming natural and artificial challenges and crises in nature are taught to the enthusiasts so that in case of unexpected events, volunteer athletes can be able to save themselves and their loved ones.

The priority of this field is physical fitness, prevention of accidents and helping the victims in nature (forest - sea - mountains and desert).

Training athletes' rapid response force

Prevention of sports injuries in nature

Familiarization of the public with first aid


Course objectives

Audience(can be use)

1.Coaches and athletes of different sports

2.Managers of clubs, camps and tourist camps

3.Rescuers, firefighters, emergency personnel

Terms of participant :

1.Familiarity with the basics of first aid

2.Familiarity with nature

Registration conditions :

1.passport picture

 2.Complete the registration form

 3.Deposit $ 10 registration fee to account number: .................................................

Hogam International Council The above documents should be zipped to the Secretariat of the International Council and sent under the name of the participant.

Educational resources required :

1.First aid booklet

2.CPR educational booklet 

Course topics/workshops :



 Subject description


Introduction to Hogam Relief Sport

Definition - Objectives - Vision

International Council

Familiarity with natural and artificial hazards when exercising in nature

Natural and artificial challenges

International Council

Sports injuries in nature

Type of common injuries and treatment

Hogham Professional Relief Book

teaching method :

The webinar is completely virtual in 2 sections of 45 minutes through the Skyroom platform. 


Teamwork and exam methods :

1.After the end of the course, the student is obliged to write down her/his experiences in the form of an article of at least 3 pages.

2.The article should be emailed to the Secretariat of the Hogam International Council.

3.The above courses have technical evaluation to participate in the coaching course of Hogam sport.


At the end of the course, all participants who have been in the class continuously will be awarded a certificate of completion of the relief course by the Hogam International Council with the approval of international institutions.

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