One of the attractive competitive styles of Hogam sports art in the age group children and teenagers( boys and girls) is the native and local style of cheetah; In this style, athletes aim to achieve advanced physical fitness; Nerve and muscle coordination; Agility, flexibility, reaction speed and endurance are designed to reach the advanced stage of Hogam sport.

Standard Cheetah competitions are held on a 10 by 20 square meter area with 18 standard obstacles.

International name: yoz style; Hogam Sports

Category: Hogam Sports Art

Venue: ‌ Grass - Beach

Gender barriers and area: Equality between boys and girls

Game ‌: A local game called danbalh Ka

Objective: Professional competitions Tyzgam

Development Center: Islamic Republic of Iran - Mazandaran Province

Age category: ‌children and teenagers( boys and girls)                                       

Age range 5 to 7 years - Dimensions of land 10 by 10 - Number of obstacles: 10

Age category 8 to 10 years - Dimensions of land 10 by 10 - Number of obstacles: 12

Age category 11 to 12 years - Dimensions of land 10 by 15 - Number of obstacles: ‌ 14

Age category 13 to 15 years - Earth dimensions 15 by 20 - Number of obstacles: 18